2021 Pit bike Moto Schedule

Bob Martin Center EVENT Info

Gate Fee:

Adult $10.00 per day

Children under 10  $5.00 per day

(3) Day pass deal $25.00 for Adult

(3) Day Pass <10 $10.00

Wrist Bands Must be worn and visible at ALL TIMES

Everyone must sign waiver for insurances and wrist bands let us know you have signed.

This venue is agricultural and protected by the state of North Carolina.  Please do not allow any bolts, metal, hard plastics, tools, glass etc.. to fall on the floor.  Horses can step on it and seriously injure themself.

RV Hookup - $30 per night

50 and 30 amp available w/water

Black Tank Flush zones available

1st come 1st serve, no reserving spots.  We have 100 spots

No free camping - Facility Rules.  If all spots reserved TBA

Friday Open Practice - per rider

$15 per Class

(2) class bundle $20

(3) class bundle $30

Gates Open at 3PM 

Practice 5-10PM


Saturday Pit Bike Moto Event - All classes BIG and PIT

(No Membership Required, No License Required)

Sign up open 9am, Practice 11, Qualifying 1pm, Main Event aprox. 6:30PM

Race Entry: $30.00 includes practice

Pro Purse:  TBD

Late sign up accepted until 5pm

Sunday South Eastern Winter MX Series Event

(AMA card required - AMA Safe to Race Rules)

Sign up opens at 8am, Practice at 10, Qualifying at noon.  Mains to follow.

Race Entry: $30 includes practice

Winter Series Points will be awarded towards SE Winter MX Series.

Pit Rules:

Indoor covered pitting will be allowed in the pavilion behind stadium

It is 100% covered.  Acceptable items, Bike, Bike stand, cooler, chairs.  NO Golf carts or pit vehicles allowed in covered pitting area or inside stadium.  No tools or fuel.  Please do that at your pitting trailer / rv area.

Absolutely NO fuel inside the stadium.  If caught immediate disqualification.

No pitting inside stadium near EMT or Equipment area.

Pit vehicles and Golf Carts are acceptable on grounds.  However if caught wreck less riding near buildings, campers, gravel lot or off property will result in immediate disqualification and asked to leave without refund.





Small Wheel Expert

Youth 6-9

Small Wheel Stock + Clutch

Youth 7-12

Small Wheel Modified

Vet (30) +

50CC Adult Stock

Trail Bike

Small Wheel Stock - NON Clutch

School Boy 13-17

Open All (13+)

ATC 70 3 Wheelers


50 cc PW Class 4-8

50 cc Open Class 4-8

65 cc Open Class 7-11

65 cc Beginner 7-11

85 cc Open Class 9-12

85 cc Super Mini 10-16

85 cc Beginner 12-15

School Boy 12-17

Vet 30+

Vet 40+

Youth ATV 6-12

450 A

450 B

450 C

2 Stroke Only 16+

250 A

250 B

250 C

Open Beginner





50cc Open 5-9 (0-51cc)
50cc 4-6 Limited (0-51cc)

50cc 7-8 Limited (0-51cc)

50cc 4-8 Air Cooled Only (0-51cc)

65cc 7-9 (59-65cc)

65cc 7-11 (59-65cc) 

Mini Open 9-13  (59cc-85cc) Max 16” rear & Max 17” front

85cc 9-11 (79-85cc)

85cc 12-15  (79-85cc 2 stroke – 150cc 4 stroke)

Super Mini 12-16 (79 to 112cc 2 stroke – 150cc 4 stroke 

Schoolboy 1 12-16 (86-125cc 2 stroke & 150cc 4 stroke)(Min. wheel 19” front & 16” rear)

Schoolboy 2 12-17 (125-250cc, must be 14 to ride 250cc)

Girls 7-13 (59-85cc 2 stroke & 76-150 4 stroke (Must be 12 yrs old to ride supermini)




MUST BE 14 TO RIDE 250cc

Unlimited Amateur B/C/D (122cc - Open)

2 Stroke – 12+ (122cc - 250cc)

Women – 12+ (91-250cc) Must be 14 to ride 250cc

250 All-Star A/B - 12+ (122cc - 250cc) Must be 14 to ride 250cc ($ TO A & Gift Card to B)

250 C - 12+ (122cc - 250cc) Must be 14 to ride 250cc

MUST BE 16 TO RIDE 450cc

Open All-Star A/B 12+ (122cc - Open) Must be 16 to ride a 450 ($ TO A & Gift Card to B)

Open B 12+ (122cc – Open) Must be 16 to ride a 450cc

Open C 12+ (122cc - Open) Must be 16 to ride a 450cc

College 14-24 (122cc to Open)​

VET Amateur 25 + B/C 
25+ (122cc - Open)

35+ (122cc - Open)

40+ (122cc - Open)

50+ (122cc - Open)

Warrior Class - open class, 125-450cc, must provide proof of active duty status or proof of honorable discharge, riders must support Veteran MX Foundation with a $20 yearly membership fee


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